Tito Enterprise Technology Trading(Beijing)Ltd is registered in 2007.
Its invested by Tito Enterprise Co., Ltd which is an International trading company registered in U.S.A.

Besides of the international trading business, and also in order to cater for various trade patterns to meet up with the different order conditions from domestic and overseas clients and the diversified investment demands of its own, Tito, therefore, it has continually set up separate branches or corporations in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hongkong etc.
Tito originally stepped into China market in 1993 and 1996 set up Beijing office mainly focusing on the sales and markets in the metallurgical field such as steel making ,iron making , NDT and transportation equipment and spare parts etc. We had been the agents for SKET steel making equipment and KME material in the very early commercial business operation(KME is one of the biggest maker for copper and copper alloy in the world)
From 2000, we further established our representative offices and branches in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan,Taiyuan, Kunming  and Nantong cities etc. together with the service network all over China as well. We are expanding our strategic business to more fields including metallurgical, steel, power energy, chemical engineering, offshore oil &gas, aviation and nonferrous metal etc.

By the end of 2007, in order to meet up the organizational demands of long-term business and strategic development, TITO Enterprise Technology (Trading) Beijing Ltd was established officially. It will gradually integrate all the domestic market resources, human resources and business resources etc. comprehensive advantageous resources accumulated by Tito organization; thus to widen up the local running models and and strengthen the local operating ability and meet up the multiple needs from both domestic and overseas market promotion and sales completely. We believe this will improve the overall good operation of TITO organization
In every stage of our growth, TITO would never forget the corporate responsibility, especially pay attention to environmental protection and the healthy development of the natural environment. We put efforts to build cultural and harmonious business environment. We hope will have more opportunity to enter the domestic investment in the fields of construction and trade activities, to participate in local economic development. We are willing to work with many partners from all sides in the dynamic Chinese market together for a better future!